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Originally Posted by zerohour714 View Post
I am curious as to what the standard protocol is on this? If it is to cut a bullet in half thus rendering it useless, you are our a minimum of $2 per shell they cut (often times more). This would be like them putting a ban on "leaded gasoline" and then taking away a gallon of gas out of your tank to test for lead. WTF?

What is the protocol for DFG in the case of questionable ammo?
This is what I experienced, they said you can afford the $2, when checked they took about 12 cartridges that morning... but if you look at a Barnes bullet ither a blue tipped one or plain, there is no mistaking them, so they just need to learn what all the non lead bullets look like or at least carry ID cards on them.... this was two years ago at Tejon, the manager said it was a first as well!
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