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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
First of all, let me be clear. You can not depend on CGF to neccessarily defend you. We are not an insurance policy and we are certainly not your insurance policy.

I doubt we'd defend self defense shootings. We stand ready to help arrange such things, but they are very personal, fact specific, and outside our scope.

The heart of what we defend are cases where the state or locality is trying to prosecute someone for a crime that isn't a crime. A self defense shooting shouldn't be a crime and shouldn't be a prosecution. If it does become a prosecution, we can certainly point you in the right direction but it is not our mission to take over financially you when you have to make that sort of call.

That's what I figured. There was a thread started here around the time that this announcement was posted asking who to call if one is involved in a self-defense shooting, and several of the responses referenced this announcement; I figured it'd be good to clarify exactly what this announcement is aimed at.

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