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Originally Posted by thingreenline View Post
That being said I have notice an increase in contacting off duty Leo's that think the Fish and Game Code does not apply to them IE illegal methods of take, over limits of fish, spotlighting and trespassing and then want professional courtesy.
That being said, I met a Cali game warden on two seperate occassions (same warden) that thought he was above the vehicle code, while off duty. He thought the vehicle code didn't apply to his illegal (25+ over the posted limit) speeding and blowing through red lights. Guess what??? HE wanted a professional courtesy too!

How many hours ago was it that you were speeding down the road in your POV??? Just curious.

I"m not condoning ANY person from driving down the road with a loaded rifle and "not" (((wink wink))) hunting. That's wrong, agreed. But since you brought up the professional courtesty thing, I thought I'd point out that wardens are no different than anybody else when it comes to "wishing" for a courtessy "moment." Wardens always seem to point that fact out that "cops are not above the F&G code." I totally agree, but don't be a hypocrite then with the other laws (VC, PC, etc...), while STRICTLY (letter of the law) enforcing F&G laws.

Theres probably been more "spirit of the law" enforcement with vehicle code and other LEO's, than there has been with wardens and the F&G code. I'm basing this observation on a close friend of mine that is a Warden himself. I'm constantly giving him $h!t (in a joking manner of course) about his unwaivering "letter of the law" enforcement style with all of his contacts (i.e. both sworn and non-sworn).

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