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Originally Posted by hitman13 View Post

LEOSA exempts rifles as well as pistols.....

Thanks for YOUR opinion.....
But dose LEOSA exempt you from F&G laws while hunting? I think that is what Bolton is saying. I think you missed the the "while traveling and engaged in hunting" part of his Quote. The part Bolton forgot to mention was, "while off duty".

(a) It is unlawful to possess a loaded rifle or shotgun in
any vehicle or conveyance or its attachments which is standing on or
along or is being driven on or along any public highway or other way
open to the public.
(b) A rifle or shotgun shall be deemed to be loaded for the
purposes of this section when there is an unexpended cartridge or
shell in the firing chamber but not when the only cartridges or
shells are in the magazine.
(c) The provisions of this section shall not apply to peace
officers or members of the Armed Forces of this state or the United
States, while on duty or going to or returning from duty.

From the summery below, It appears that LEOSA dose exempt LEO from CA F&G code 2006.

9. Does this Act broaden the ability to carry on a plane?
No. The LEOSA exempts active/retired law enforcement officers from state and
local carrying laws.
It does not exempt them from federal laws, which regulate
firearms on aircraft and federal property.