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Originally Posted by jbolton View Post
Bottom line is this.

F&G code states when engaged in hunting and traveling in a vehicle your hunting firearm shall not be loaded. Loaded mag is legal. Bullet in a firing position is not legal. The fact that the op states an I quote "even after I badged him" is just arrogant. You broke the law and deserve the ticket that you received.

It's the same as if you were bow hunting during bow season only, and had a concealed pistol. You would be breaking the law, and would deserve the ticket that you would get. Being a leo has nothing to do with it.
Originally Posted by mej16489 View Post
For the purposes of this discussion, it might have everything to do with it per the Federal Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA)
Jbolton, are you LE? Do you know what the LEOSA is? It is federal law that overrides state law for qualified LEO and Retired LEO, which is why it is appropriate to identify yourself as a LEO.

You are posting in the LAW ENFORCEMENT forum. Please take a moment to review the rules of this forum. It is for LEOs to discuss things amongst themselves, and for non-LEOs to ask questions, in a civil manner.

In my opinion, you are not following the spirit of this forum.

Even though Iím retired, I still seem to encounter incredibly stupid people.

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