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This is how I did mine.

I used a piece of all thread, 3 nuts, 2 washers, locktite and spot welded the floorplate though you can probably just epoxy it too.

I drilled out the take down dimple on the plate at the bottom of the spring. I used a piece of allthread and sandwiched the spring plate with the nuts and washers. I was able to then get the exact hight I needed for the allthread to bump against the follower. Once I got that, I locktited the threads on the plate. Now I put the baseplate and fed the extra bit of allthread through the hole on the baseplate. Put a washer on it and locktited a nut on that too. This way, the allthread is captured and won't touch the spring and if the nut gets removed, you are still limited to 10 rounds because the plate on the bottom of the spring is still holding the allthread.

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