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Originally Posted by Javi View Post
Thanks guys. It's $19.80 per 200 or $79 for 800 round case.
They can also come web linked for $10 more at 200 rounds or a 1,750 round case for a bit under $200. My barrel has a...recess or a 'step' but there are no threads on it, unfortunately. I opened up my box of real surplus ammo just to take a look at it and compare it to my Miwall new manufactured rounds. The surplus looks to be seated out further, they look pretty bad ***! I'd love to shoot it but I bought it as a souvenir, I guess. This company also has inert training ammo, I guess those would be like snap caps?

I have yet to make a Swede mauser chamber cast, but from what I recall of some old experiments, the throat is very long on those. I suspect modern 6.5x55 hunting ammo has two feet of jump in those old rifles.
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