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Obviously not. If it did, I'd create two threads for it. Only so people could tell me that many more times how awesome my rifle was.

Did get two rifles from this batch today.

One is a matching Russian letter gun with replacement main wood, but what is probably the original laminate handguard.

The other is an interesting one. Mismatched receiver cover, but the rest of the gun has no markings other than SN. No Chinese characters, no factory code. Just the SN. Very strange lack of acceptance stamps as well. This one has a heel repair on the stock, and a huge crack at the top of the main stock at the back by the buttplate. I'd love this gun if it wasn't for the stock. Trying to figure out if I want to have it go back for replacement, or keep and and deal with it. Very strange.

Both are IO Inc guns.

Very, very different than the CAI guns that were shipped out a few months back.
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