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Originally Posted by omnitravis View Post
I assume he knows because he went through the process of getting the license,
Hopefully he knows BUT you'd be surprised at how many 03 FFL's, don't even know proper record keeping, or suddenly they think they can "buy and sell" Ad Lib. You should discuss it with him, if he is audited by the BATF they WILL look at the number of Acquisitions and Dispositions he has made since he got his license when they look at his book and they DO review your book, been there done that. Also when he renews his license he has to declare how many firearms he has Acquired and Disposded of in the preceding 3 years. When they look at the A&D book seeing the same name pop up with VERY short acquisition to disposition dates doesn't that look like someone is running a business or something fishy might be going on? If I sell a C&R it would have been in my book at least 6 months or more before being transfered to another FFL. Only done one FTF C&R transfer that was 10 years ago, all others have been sent to 01 or 03 FFLs. Like others have suggested get your 03 FFL then you can go shopping out of state after Jan 1, 2014
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