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Default Kid at Gym claims he got gun through intrafam transfer... FROM HIS BROTHER?!?!

My mate and I are working out and we were talking about intra transfers and he claims he got a 1911 transferred to him from his brother. As far as my knowledge with transfers go, I believe that is illegal isn't it? My friend is 18 by the way and has his HSC. I thought intra transfers were only legal from parent to child? I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of his 1911 lol.. Anyone else on calguns get away with this? Because I mean if that was the case, I'm pretty sure all 18 year old handgun lovin, pistol caressin kids with brothers or sisters that are 21 of age, would have a handgun.. Someone PLEASE shed some light on this for me. He may just be trying to make me jealous cuz he was really rubbin it in my face.
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