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Default SF Bay area, the "NORCAL POSSE".

To the brave NORCAL Calgunners, the real ones, not the posers and keyboard commandos.

The Zombie Zone is approximately 400 miles from our homes.

If we don't kill the ZOMBIES in LA, they will come to us, better to kill them while they are a SOCAL problem. Helping our SOCAL brothers in arms will set the stage that if we get ZOMBIE attacks up here, they will come help us.

Our duty is to quickly travel across Pacheco Pass, proceed rapidly down the I5 and through the "Grapevine" till we get to the I210.

We will have "refuel and driver changes" along the way so that when we arrive, we are sharp and ready to blast ZOMBIES.

We will muster at the San Jose Airport Car rental center, due to the high mileage of the event, we will not risk personal vehicles breaking down.

We will go with smaller, fast and fuel efficient vehicles so that way we can maintain a convoy speed of 70mph plus.

With 2 to 3 persons per vehicle, non drivers can rest and we will have room for our gear.

This is a mission where we expect everyone to be "heavily armed". Remember, we can't just kill the Zombies, they are already dead, so head shots that blow the heads completely off are the only sure way to stop them.

We are in for a "massive firefight", so we need to bring a lot of ammunition because resupplies may not come.

This EPIC battle will be brutal, we will ATTACK at 4pm and blast everyone of those MF Zombies. The task will be tough, it will be a battle than will run into the night and many of us may have vision issues with the all the gun flashes that will be going off.

We just have to hold the Zombies off till 11pm, then our duty will be done. At that point we will make run back to the SF Bay area.

If you don't bring enough ammo, then you may be eaten or infected by the Zombies. Either of these would really ruin your day.

Guns can jam, so bring backups because this is not a time you want to find out you don't have a functioning gun.

I am bringing

2 ARS, one BB and one featureless and around 400 rounds of ammo.
2 12 guage shotguns and at least 100 rounds of ammo.
2 45 caliber pistols and at least 200 rounds of ammo.

I am ready to eliminate at least 100 Zombies and if we all pull together, we can be the 300 who made a stand just like the brave 300 Spartans who changed history.

The Spartans kicked the Persians ***. Our task is nothing compared to theirs.
Some of us may not make it out alive, and we will pay honor to our brothers and sisters who fall.

Unlike the "sheeple" who populate our state, we are not controlled by fear, we own our fear, that is why will win.

Failure is not an option, we are fighting for our homes, our families, our honor.
We are the Calguns Special Forces, we are the "Warriors".

We will end the ZOMBIE TYRANNY just like William Wallace ended English Tyranny. See clip below.

Okay, being a bit melodramatic, I was on a roll.
Come down and have a blast.

This will be an Epic 20 hours of your life, with us car sharing, we can get 2 to 4 hrs rest going to and from each way.

Car rentals will be around 40 to 50 dollars(I like full coverage) for the day, we get vehicles that get 30mpg plus, so at 800 miles, we will burn 26 to 30 gallons of fuel. Figure 120 to 140 for gas.

Trip costs for two people, roughly 80 dollars,
For 3, figure roughly 60 dollars.

Range fees, ammo, food and beverages , T shirts extra of course.
Memories and bonding we have with others, "PRICELESS".