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Originally Posted by Ironchef View Post
For the OP (original poster), while the "MOE" products from Magpul are their "original equipment," they are now surpassed by their other products. For example, the MOE stock may have been their entry level stock, they now have their CTR stock (i forgot what it means, but magpul's site explains the acros), acr, and some other types of stocks. Same for hand guards, grips, trigger guards, and other products.

Don't let these jackasses keep you from asking questions. Of course, being resourceful enough to find the answers you seek without a thread is ideal. But then, there's probably 5 others who were wondering the same thing, so yeah.
Actually - and someone correct me if I'm wrong - the MOE stuff came out after the superior versions did. So the MIAD and CTR were actually developed before their MOE counterparts, and were then re-engineered to be more affordable.
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