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Originally Posted by Baconator View Post
Yup. But the room and board is all paid for. You can leave on the weekend most of the time as long as you aren't retaking a test that you failed or there isn't a project going on.

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Darn. I suppose that would be the only downside then. Hmm. I'd just rather live at my own place :/. I already kind of experienced the whole intense environment drill sergeant stuff but I suppose it shouldn't be too bad. Especially with that great pay! And it's not like I'm in a different state , or city for that matter. 6 months is long.... :/

Do you get to choose where you work? Like once you graduate, can you choose to work in Sacramento? Or is it more like the military where they just tell you where you're going? Is there a type of contract like the military where you serve an amount of years?
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