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Originally Posted by AJAX22 View Post
Providing Cash is a heckuva service...

So far a couple of states which have shown promise are: Ohio (expressly allows for non resident LEO's with case law to back it up), Pennsylvania (has a class of officer called 'constibles' for which the state is indemnified against the actions of the individual and has case law with HR218), Alaska (no residency requirement, VERY pro 2A), Wyoming,

Ones which will not work (usually for residency requirements for LEO's) are: Montana, California

I've made a few calls today, hopefully I can get some local help from some of the 2A lawyers in these various locations to sort through the local statutes and point me in the direction of 2A friendly locations..

If anyone has any knowledge of particularly 2A friendly towns, mayors, or sheriffs in other states please let me know.
Pro 10th amendment sheriff's:

County Sheriff: Dave Mattis (R) — (307) 568-2324 —

BIG HORN COUNTY — County Seat: Basin 82410
County Sheriff: Joe Arpaio: (602) 876-1801

Maricopa County
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