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Originally Posted by BigMac
Your proabably right, and they didn't shoot people for retreating either.
Shooting deserters happened to be long standing tradition in any military. There are well documented episodes of British executing member of retreating troops during Battle of the Somme. Also there are a few references to so called “battle police” whose only purpose was to force man to leave trenches. Of cause, Bolsheviks took that to new level, but they didn’t invent it. As far as I know, in Russian military first DOCUMENTED case of such practice was introduced by Peter the Great during Russian-Sweden war in 17??.
BTW – I don’t deny existing of such policy in Soviet military and I don’t defend neither the practice, nor Communists. It just history isn’t that simple as many of us would like to believe.
Regardless - however grotesque such policy is, and however criminal Russian Communist regime was - what this has anything to do with amount of weapons Soviet military had?
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