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Originally Posted by Howie44 View Post

Maybe I'm just lucky, but I have the fixed 4X of this ^^^^ on the rifle I pictured above. I shot and hunted with it for more than 10 years now without a hiccup.

Got a link for the Brass Stacker?
Someone posted a link for the Brass Stacker, above. I'll say that it is a little heavy, but it is solid.

I had the same NCStar scope. Guess I'm unlucky, because the recoil shock shook that scope apart after about 30 rounds. I've been looking at a Simmons model that claims it is tested to 1000 rounds on a 12-gauge shotgun...$130. That's still pretty cheap for a scope, so I may put it on my Xmas list.

Anyone try out the Simmons Pro Hunter 2-6x32 LER scope on a high-recoil weapon?
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