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Hi my name is Roger Purcella and I own High Desert Gunworks, LLC in Hertford NC and I invented a scope mount for the Mosin Nagant rifle called the SM-1. I started with Mosin Nagant rifle because that is the rifle I had at the time plus I was looking ten years ago for a mount that would do what I wanted and there wasnít one so I took my time and came up with this mount. I also realized with minor modifications will fit the SKS, AK-47, British 303, Winchester model 94, M1A1, and anything that is side mounted I can make work with this platform also I had a request to fit one on the Fn Fal. This is a patent pending item. The construction is made out of aircraft grade aluminum and has 5 screws to mount it 3 need to be drilled and tapped and 2 are for the stabilizer that goes around the front of the receiver. I made the stabilizer because of the problem with all side mounted scope mounts is the tendency for the mount to get loose because of the recoil from hard hitting rounds which is what the Mosin Nagant rifle is. The mount has a full pictinny rail so you can mount anything you want on it. I am curious if you would like to evaluate this product so I can get an honest mosin nagant scope mount (11).jpgabout it. I realize it isnít the latest and greatest AR rifle platform but there are a lot of these rifles out there and people are starting to customize these rifles.
Thank You for your time and consideration
Roger Purcella owner High Desert Gunworks, LLC
Home number 252-264-4127
Cell 575-499-5684
Address 514 cove rd Hertford NC 27944

mosin nagant scope mount (11).jpg
mosin nagant scope mount (10).jpg
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