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My Palma rifle used to love the old Sierra 155's and 44.7 grains of H4895. I used Winchester cases and WLR primers. Velocity wise, IIRC, it was right up there with my Varget load of 47.0 grains, same bullet and case, sparked by 210M's.
My preference for load testing when changing powder lots is to use the published starting load and increase by 0.5 grain increments until I am within a grain and a half of published maximum, then go up 0.2 grains until max. is reached. I flattened a few, but never blanked a primer using that method.
In a .308 with 155's, I would approach anything north of 44.5 grs. of H4895 with caution, especially in a Lapua case. You may want to establish just where your rifling lands are too. The Sierra bullets do like the jump.

Just my $0.07 worth.
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