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I got a response this morning from S&W...sort of
Below is the conversation we had. I did not edit it in any way.

Me: "To whom it may concern,

My name is David and in mid October 2012, I pre-ordered the California compliant Shield in 9mm from Turner's in Rancho Cucamonga. At the time of purchase I was told by the salesman at Turners that we would receive the gun in late October 2012. Two months later I found out that S&W didnt even start producing the California compliant gun until December of 2012, this is all according to Turners. My question to you is when do you think S&W will send Turners the Shields that have been pre-ordered. If there is no set date that is okay, just an update or a idea would be greatly appreciated. I have also attached a link to a forum thread. Thank you for your time."

S&W: (3 Days later, which I think is a pretty good response time) "The cal guns are coming but they are months backordered"

Me: "Have they started to ship any yet?"


Me: "Any idea on when they might start to ship out to stores?"

S&W: "IM sorry they are not giving us production schedules"

Me: "Sorry for all of the questions Mark. I started a forum thread on for all of the other S&W lovers out there that also pre ordered the Shield. Is there any more info that you can add that might be helpfull to the people who are viewing the thread? It has been viewed by over 1200 people and had 30+ replies."

S&W: "Unfortunately I don’t have anything else for you –sorry"
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