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Stopped in to check on whether my AR-7 came in yet.

They had a box on the back counter marked "Henry U.S. Survival".

I said "Looks like you got my rifle in, I will be in tomorrow to pick it up!"

Guy at the counter asked my name and I told him. He looked at the box and said, "Nope, yours isn't here yet."

I looked at him kind of sideways and asked "How is it that I ordered the Henry 10 days ago, did the DROS paperwork, was told that I was the first person to order one of these rifles, and now you have someone else's rifle here but not mine?"

He said "Let me take a look at the log and see if this guy has completed all his paperwork."

He found out that this guy had ordered his rifle a couple days after I had, and that he also hadn't even started his DROS paperwork. So, he pulled his order form off of the box, and taped mine to the box and said, "See you tomorrow when you pick up your rifle."

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