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Thanks "PolishMike" for your insight. I have been researching how I could do this legally. I am looking to get a XDm 40 3.8 Black.

From what I have read I can do these 3 options:

1. Purchase from a LEO - It's just symantics on whether it is a "straw purchase" or not right?

2. Have my father in TX "gift" it to me. - I understand the 10 round mag requirement. (will get mags blocked before he sends to FFL here in cali or I could have him ship mags here unassembled and have them blocked here)

3. Single Shot Conversion - many threads already listed on how and where you can get this done.

If I had all 3 choices available to me, which I do, which would be the easiest and cheapest? Buds last price for military/fire/LE was 519.00 but O/S currently. (in Choice 2 I would obviously be buying the gun not my dad )

Sorry If I didn't introduce myself - Newbie Here,

Sean (kuma32shaq) from Riverside, CA