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Originally Posted by tr6guns View Post
Here is the Pic..

To the OP: are the dimensions on your drawing rounded to 2 decimal places, or are they truly only 2 decimal place dimensions?
0.010" is a lot of tolerance on a hole diameter/location.

It's normal to call out dimensions to 3 decimal places.

A comparison to a standard 1911:
Feature, X, Y, Diameter, LDA X, LDA Y, Diameter
Slide Stop(origin) 0, 0, 0.201, 0, 0, 0.20?
Safety, +3.368, -0.210, 3.38?, -0.20?
Hammer +2.973, +0.016, +2.98?, +0.02?
Sear +2.602, -0.252, +2.75?, -0.68?
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