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Originally Posted by vaka View Post
Every person asking for directions should have the contributor title at the bottom of their screen name before they ask for directions, just my opinion.
I hear what you are saying. It is a tough call sometimes. I like to share and we all want fellow RESPONSIBLE commiefornia gun owners to be able to have a place to shoot but damn those few bad apples ruin it for EVERYONE. I have had people hit me up in a PM giving me sob (sob as in cry, not sonofa*****)stories about how they are looking to go shooting and blah blah blah. Then the first time or two I fell for it and I gave directions and never even got a "thanks". So those few ruined it for the rest that followed. Now if someone asks me, I tell them this, become a contributor and show that you give a damn and maybe after a period of 6-12 months of being a member, I will share that info with you if you ask again.

And I don't care WHAT some people here may say, THAT is NOT an elitest attitude. I want to further our cause just as much as the next responsible gun owner here, but I aint gonna just tell everyone. It has gotten so hard to go shooting out there now sometimes. I am like, DAMN... I am glad that there is another great range in Riverside. Yes you have to pay and I wish they would let me shoot my ak pistol there, but it is a decent range and the guys are cool. And THAT is why Riverside Magnum Range gets my business when I want to test out accuracy with my guns.