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Originally Posted by Nate View Post
Who's running off new shooters. Point was about posting on public forums about shooting areas. More often then not, they get shut down due to trash and unsafe shooters.

We have seen it happen many times. There are many on this thread that will pm directions, volunteer for a clean up, or contact the BLM.

By the way, you would lose your ten bucks. I write my letter, make my calls and send my emails. If others don't want to do, that's there choice. Will I ***** about the new laws, absolutely. I do now. If these laws pass we all lose.
Calling people demeaning names and telling them they can't know where the 'good spots' are sure as hell is running people off.
It's the same kind of elitist crap that we get pissed at when our legislators tell it to us.
We're not 'the right kind of people' to be allowed to defend ourselves according to them and 'newbies' aren't 'the right kind of people' to be shooting at 'secret spots'.

Yes we have, that's why instead of hiding shooting spots, there are few enough as it is, we organize clean up efforts, work with the Dept. of Forestry and educate shooters at the spots.

'Hiding' them is not the answer and never works, being a responsible shooter and teaching others to do the same is what works.

The ten buck was not that you call, but that you feel there aren't enough gun owners and shooters who do.
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