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Originally Posted by blockfort View Post
I just saw the video of the 71 year old guy who shot two armed robbers in Florida. Most of his shots were made when the attackers were not directly facing him. The robber closest to him turned away and that's when the old man fired his weapon. His life wasn't threatened at the moment he shot, but the armed robbers could have turned and fired at anyone at any moment. Is it legally "ok" to shoot someone in the side or back and claim self defense?
Every shooting is different. there no simple answer to Your question.

From working as an LEO for almost 20 years now, I can tell You that self defense is not pistol duel or a boxing match.

I have never heard of a legal obligation that a person who is protecting their life or life of their loved ones MUST face the attacker(s).

There are many questions.

How many attackers are there? What type of weapons they have? What have they ALREADY done? Who are they? What will likely happen if You do not take that shot? And many more.....

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