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Originally Posted by ckprax View Post
This would result in Mr. Nash being forced to surrender all of his handguns. In NY, a carry (or premise) license is required to own a handgun. He would effectively lose his 2A rights without breaking any laws or being arrested.
According to the NYSP SAFE act enforcement guidelines, if a permit holder has his pistol permit revoked, he/she has to surrender ALL if his/her firearms. Long guns included. Nobody is exactly sure where the SAFE act says this, but it is spelled out clearly in the guidelines for the New York State police.

This turns a pistol permit that can be arbitrarily granted or revoked by a judge without due process into a big liability for gun owners. As far as I know nobody has had this happen to them yet, but gun owners who have been paying attention are a bit concerned about it. The SAFE Act and everything associated with it is in flagrant violation of the constitution.
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