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Originally Posted by BRANDON7766 View Post
If I shot a cow in the head and let it bleed to death on the middle of main street (like they do in slaughter houses) do you think that would be smart?

Neither is open carry.

Just because a law allows you to openly carry a firearm doesn't mean you should parade around main street doing so, doing that will just put negative attention on gun owners, which we don't need.

If you want to keep your rights or get more of them, then volunteer to teach people to shoot, participate in the political process or even start your own. Pot is looked at as "cool" by much of society, we need to put that kind of spin/marketing on guns if we want to move ahead...not do the opposite.

Being immature about this will only hurt this process.

Bananas though, I'm not sure that ones such a bad gun around ( no gun pics on shirts etc). You could say when asked by a news crew that "an unloaded weapon is about as dangerous as this banana". And bring some comic relief to this...but bringing anything that resembles a gun would be counterproductive.
i agree with this post.

most people who are afraid of guns don't understand them.

once you teach them about them, they typically either have fun shooting them, or at least respect them enough and understand them enough to know that they don't kill people on their own; people kill people.
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