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Originally Posted by CALI-gula View Post
My Les Baer TR and (more than one of) my 70 Series National Match Gold Cups are nearly identical in accuracy. And call it fate or luck, but I have a S&W Scandium 1911PD that I can shoot nearly as well, and is as accurate as either of the former ( which I'd like to point out is about 1/3rd the cost).

My buddy's 1911PD is the same way. Super crisp trigger, extremely accurate. The Range Officer where I go says their 1911PD rental has been there a long time, tons of rounds, no issues and it shoots straighter and smoother than their TRP (full rail). He forced me to shoot it and I'd agree. Amazing how well it's held up. It even fed some Federal HSTs I fed it for fun. Was crudded up beyond belief, too.
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