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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
and that would be an incorrect statement.

ATF has stated that a non-licensee can sell a homemade firearm as long as it is marked in accordance with federal regulations.

As for not being able to DROS it, IIRC, there is an option for unlisted make and model to be manually entered.
yeap correct as always make would be made in the usa here is a thread that should answer any ? im not sure tho if the saler would need to do this or if you can just do it during the PPT

a quote from the link

What you should tell her is that you built the pistol from a kit, and that YOU are the "make." Then *very nicely* ask her to enter "Made in the USA" as the make. That is what they use when they don't have a make in their database. Shannon is not concerned about the fact that your pistol is single shot, that it has a mag-lock, or that it is based on the Stoner or Kalish design. She is not concerned about Calguns. So don't waste her time with that information. All she needs to do her job is the information that you provided on the form, and your respectful request to use "Made in the USA" as the make
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