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Originally Posted by artherd
I have heard that the Feds do prosecute (successfully) constructive posession of machinegun cases. I don't have any direct knowlege of true case law or convictions (plea-out does not count.) and would like some.
A man was sitting at home drunk and shot some .40 S&W's at a poster of a wolf. They went through his walls and his neighbors surprised, they called the police. He was drunk, staggered outside to see what it was about. Police arrived, saw he was drunk and acting crazy, brought him into the house, found he had an Colt AR-15 and a bunch of ammo in the basement. A quick search of the place and they found an M16 bolt, M16 bolt carrier, M16 trigger, M16 sear, M16 disconnector in a filing cabinet in another room upstairs. There was NO attempt to convert his AR-15 into a machine gun. He was convicted of 'constructive possession' of a machine gun:
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