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Originally Posted by EBWhite
Yes, you can own it. Constructive posession is BS and without proof of the items being put together or attached in some way (ie. same box or room) you will get off the any charges.

If own are lucky to own an AR pistol lower, construction pos. goes right out the door too.
Giving out bad advice AGAIN.... You really should keep your mouth SHUT when you don't have a clue about what you're talking about. Geez....

California does not have any constructive possession clause for AWs, but Federal law has constructive possession laws regarding almost all NFA weapons. The posession of M-16 fire control group and owning an AR-15=Machine Gun. Owing a M203 receiver (they dros as a rifle) and owning a 40mm rifled barrel (both are not restricted individually)=Destructive Device. Owning a Remington 870 <18" barrel is perfectly legal, unless you own an 870. Then you're breaking federal law unless it's registered as a AOW. Owning a tube that will fit a threaded barrel, owning baffles and and endcap, even if there has been no attempt to assemble them, you own an unregistered silencer and are breaking the law. None of these circumstances require that you have assembled these. You don't even have to have attempted it, just owning the combination of parts is illegal.

If you own a <16" upper and you own a non-SBR rifle that it could fit on, you are guilty of owning a unregistered SBR and are committing a federal offense, a felony. You will face charges if caught, and you will lose.

The only exception would be if you owned an AR pistol, but if that short barrelled upper has a handguard, you're F'd if you don't have that pistol registered as an AOW.

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