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Default Does anybody know the Ca. laws on FFL's

Do I have to pay sales tax on a firearm purchased out of state from a private party /non dealer?
The reason I ask is;
A local (San Diego County) FFL did not charge me sales tax on a purchase from Gunbroker on 8/16/17. The same FFL told me I had to pay sales tax on a purchase from Gunbroker on 9/15/17. I told the worker that I did not pay the sales tax a month before. talk to the manager. The worker came back and told me there is no tax on a non dealer purchase. All Good.
The following day (today, Sunday) I get a call from the FFL worker telling that he has to charge sales tax because there is a dollar number on the receipt and they do not know the seller is not a dealer. I am confused and so are they.
Has this happened to anybody else? What does the law say? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly, Big Rich
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