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Default Benelli M2 Stanislaus Tactical Will Ship

The only request I had before sending my money order was that I can verify that I am in fact buying what Rickster is selling from a phone call to his FFL.

At least that money order shows that I in fact am a serious buyer and wrote his name and address on it as proof. It is not a leap of faith for him as he has control of shipping. He suggested I use USPS money order as it offered more protection

He would still have to give his shotgun over to a FFL to legally transfer per NRA ILA website in California no matter who is purchasing. (If he has shipped firearms or sold son many why did he not know this when calling my FFL? )
I was protecting myself from being scammed by calling his FFL for verification but he was unwilling to give them his shotgun to transfer before receiving cash.

He can not simply drop his shotgun in the mail. ^

PayPal doesn't protect the buyer of firearms ( he was kind enough to tell me that after I told him I was not going to "gift" him $$$$)

I did not ask him to just send me this item without receiving payment.

He agreed at first to me contacting his FFL when he transferred it to them and before I agreed to send money of which I have proof through our text conversation.
It is my understanding that it is still his property until he gives them permission to ship or he transfers it back to himself. He acted like they immediately ship it out the second he hands it to them and loses it forever and cannot request they call me to talk about it, hold it for any amount of time for his payment to be received or them have any knowledge of accessories stated in this ad.

Yes I have 0 feedback or history because I JUST JOINED! And I stated that in the beginning.
I stopped in and talked to my FFL today and yes they do not accept personal firearm transfers from California because of CA laws. Apparently Rickster was not aware of his own state law that requires all transfers in California go through FFL.
My dealer also found it suspect that Rickster would not allow me to call his dealer AFTER he dropped it off to them to ask the dealer about it before sending my money and said he would not send money before that either.

So don't get all mixed up, I wasn't asking for him to ship his firearm without payment, I was asking for 3rd party verification to protect myself as a consumer. He decided it was not worth waiting 1 day for me to call Jane @ his FFL to ask their procedures after finding out I didn't immediately send funds on a leap of faith. He was willing to sell me this until it came down to me contacting his FFL the next day to fact check and see why it's so irregular to have them contact me about my supposed future purchase.

If he followed through with starting a transfer and it was verified I would of sent the money, even through PayPal if need be, but because he wanted the money before any steps were taken this purchase fell through.

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