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Not gay myself but one of the ten plus people I have taught to shoot is a lesbian. or maybe more gay flexible.... Im sketchy on the details.

She also has done well with the recoil, more so than most of the straight females I have taught to shoot.

I have found that there is a deliberate method to getting people interested. Get in their head, they feel timid, inexperienced and nervous. I rarely choose to talk TO a non shooter about shooting, instead I talk ABOUT shooting in front of non shooters, I talk about how much fun I had on the range, anything that makes it appealing. eventually they start asking questions, if they express concerns or worries I validate it and then expand with my experience, I make it as un pressured as is possible.

If I get anything that seems responsive I offer to take them, and I make sure they know I will make them thoroughly ready before I bring them on a live fire, that shooting with me will be a pressure free, fun experience. Ive gotten a whole lot of success this way.

Far as experience level... with the exception of the card carrying (extreme) lefty crowd most of the gay or bi sexual individuals I have known either have some experience with firearms or are open to it (a list that includes probably 10 or more people)
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