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Originally Posted by bigcalidave View Post
Damn. So I can't put a bullet button on a named RAW? That was the most exciting thing I'd heard in a long time!
No. 'Named' reg'd AWs do not lose their AW status by characteristic feature status.

There is a chance - DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDDIES! - that a banned by name reg'd AW loses AW status if it's not semiautomatic (i.e, gas system removed, etc.)

A Category 3 reg'd AW, however, can have sufficient characteristic features removed, or other attributes changed [fixed mag, nonsemiauto, etc.] to pull it out of AW status for purposes of transport, shipment, etc. - though its registration just allows it to be reassembled into AW status again. [This is straight from former DOJ FD head Randy Rossi and former DOJ Asst Dir/Dept AG Tim Rieger, with a slough of witnesses including Don Kilmer and Jess Guy.]

One of the other "wonders of CA AW world" is that a good ol' regular non-AW semiauto rifle, with a legal hicap magazine inserted, becomes an AW if the hicap mag is fixed/screwed down (BB/maglock, etc.)

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