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Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Whoa not quite.

No they haven't. The DOJ has said zero on this issue lately (initially they were trying to say all OLLs were AWs etc. but that's long over).

The issue is that *some DAs* think the P50 is too easy to loosen and there is elevated suspicion that a P50 gun may well be illegal and such a configuration may be treated more aggressively in those jurisdictions.

But CGF can indeed defend a screwed-down P50 - but it's easier to just say "go to a BulletButton", where the latching behavior is clear and nothing accidentally comes loose.
Why waste time/effort?


Originally Posted by unusedusername View Post
Something to consider Mag Magnet....

The DOJ has recently decided that the original prince50 maglock is illegal. I am not aware of them prosecuting anyone for it yet, however it will come. The reason that they decided that it is illegal is because some people could pull back the screw and allow it to be used as a regular mag release button.
thanks for the clarification bwiese, the post by unusedusername was a bit off the mark....
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