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I have a very close friend that I ask about how prepped his family was and he said they had nothing. Later I was at his house in the garage and see all the food and drinks and bottle water his wife has from buying in bulk ( she loves a good sale and to stock up) and said "wow that is a good food storage" he had never though of it like that before we talked about it a he has about 3 to 4 weeks of food and about 2 weeks of water for his family of 3, then he decided that with his camping gear and military gear that he was better prepared than most. We have now talked a lot about this and as my house is better located for defense and survival there plan is to come here and bring there supply but if something happen I will bug out to there house. Its nice to have back up plans. If needed we both have 4x4s and we can always bug out to the Mts or desert or something.

I have a ex roommate that said if anything ever happens she was bring her family to my house and I told her that she was welcome to come (as she has skills that could be used for survival) but if she though that she would show up with her mom and dad and 3 sister 2 brothers and there 8 kids I cant take all them in there is no way and I would turn them away.

I have 1 other close friend that I think would be a big help in any type of disaster and have told her if SHTF to grab what she can and come here. I think she would be a bigger asset for cooking and gardening and her knowledge of grown up in rural Vietnam and survival skills than it would cost me in food and water to have her around.

I live alone, I am divorced with no kids, but I prep for 3 people. When I was married I always prepped for me and my wife and one extra just incase. I think it is easier to prep for more people than for one and if you have less bodies then there is more to go around. If you prep for 1 you need at least 3 flashlights, 2 stoves ect. prep for 3 and you need 4 to 5 flashlights only 2 to 3 stoves ect ect. now I have 2 to 4 weeks of food and water for 3 people. If I was alone, I could stretch that to 6 to 12 weeks. Beside survival is easier in numbers. I would not want to start a fight and loose friends over something that hasn't happen yet but I do tell people (in a half joking way) if they show up empty handed in my driveway I wont be answering the door.
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