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I really don't discuss it. My Mom and Sister know they are welcome if they bring their supplies with them.

A very long term friend is invited but other than that I just quietly add food, water, trade bait etc. every month.

Sadly if you do show up without anything to offer you won't be getting in. Well, unless you are female, young, pretty, eager to "please" and my wife has changed her mind on that me having a harem thing. (I just asked her and she said. No. Dang it!)

If it does all go wrong I won't be sitting in a well lit house or BBQing in the front yard either. I'll look like another victim waiting for the Gov. to save my silly butt.
I let my wife choose my hobby.
I said I either wanted to chase younger women or shoot.

Here I am.

"I'm for Hoffa until they pat my face with a shovel and steal my cufflinks." Frank Sheerin
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