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Originally Posted by n6vmo View Post
I am new to, but this range cleanup stuff is great.

How does one contend with shooters that are unaware of a range cleanup activity and have driven many miles to shoot?

Playing the devil's advocate, I would be a bit upset, if I drove the ~1.5 hours (the distance from Lompoc) to shoot, only to find out the range was under a cleanup process. My frustration would not be at the effort put forth by the cleanup crew, but by not being able to use the range.

Just curious,


Hi and welcome John!!!

Generally everyone that is up there is very happy and understanding of our cleanups. We've held several, smaller clean ups that were kinda impromptu. This is usually no big deal to any unaware shooter at the range that I have encountered and they are usually happy to pitch in and help for a few to speed up the clean.

The smaller clean n shoots benefit from simply walking around, shaking hands and letting everyone know our intentions : preserving the BLM free range and our (everyone's) continued ability to enjoy it.

With the smaller clean ups as well - generally there will be about a 30 +/-min initial clean up, then we take an extra 10min during each cease fire to gather up more detritus.

This seems to work great when there are shooters there that did not know about the cleanup as it allows them to participate as well as it doesnt really cut into their shooting time very much.

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