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well the simple answer is because gun bans get the democrats votes. I have spoken to many anti's and to a person not one of them has ever even bothered to check if a gun ban resulted in less firearms crimes and death. That tells me i am dealing with a irrational stupid group of people.

If 'victimization' goes up due to disarming people against criminals well holly **** that gives the government another problem to fix, besides when the republicans talk about better crime enforcement the dems can cry gun control and say see , the republicans are bought and payed for the NRA they won't protect you from crime but we will.

In short it gives the left a way to say we are the party that really cares about crime not the republicans , and in the mind of the idiot left they make a automatic assumption that crime and firearms go hand and hand and there really is no lawful use of a firearm, which is the same reason the anti's try and downplay home invasions.

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