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Posts like this is why normal folk thing we are all crazy and need to have our guns taken.

The government want to disarm you because enough people have freaked out over gun violence. It is a purely emotional response by a large number of folks and various people in power are responding to that.

Sure, some of them always hate guns. But its not because they want to start a new world order. They think that most people are unsafe morons and they'd rather you not have guns. Or large softdrinks. Or drugs. Or gas consuming cars. They'd probably add padding to every road and drop the speed limit to 25mph if they could get away with it.

But its not to take over. Its so people stop bugging them so they can get on with whatever they want to do - have a big house (at our expense) or whatever version of selling out and personal gain they are looking for.

Do you really think that America without private firearms suddenly becomes a giant prison?
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