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Originally Posted by arplatform View Post
I import and sell replica scopes in the gun show and web. This is the new 552 which I currently do not have any experience on. I have imported and sold the replica 551. The big difference is the battery (551 - AG13) (552 - 2 AA). Although the 551 works well, sighted in and held zero, it had one major problem and that was the light source. The LED light source was not bright enough to be used in bright daylight. Almost all the 551 replicas I sold were for local PD that did their entries at night. Sold them ten and they liked them but they commented that the daylight issue was not a problem for them. Now with the use of the 2-AA batteries, maybe this problem has been corrected. This would be the chance you will have to take if you purchase. I know from the manufacturer that a solution was in the works but have not heard if it was completed. To my knowledge the 552 is currently not being made by the manufacturer I use, so its operation may or may not work as well as the 551. Chinese manufacturers seem to be striving to improve the product lines but any new item purchased you will have to take the chance that you might have to throw it away.
Wow! Are you serious???!!!! A actual police agency used these clones!!!! Man, they need to get more funding and get the real thing. I just never imagined actual poffesionals using Chinese imitations. Go figure!
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