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Originally Posted by BigDogatPlay View Post
One can dream.

I'd be ecstatic for firearms to become a "third rail" at all levels of political discourse in this country. Touch the third rail, you die politically.
And for it to oust our real enemies, not just low level first termers who simply wander astray on accident. Take down Schumer, for one. Block every anti gun judge the jerk in the White House attempts to put forth. Kick out a bad ATF head. Give us some REAL heads on a pole.
"You can't stop insane people from doing insane things with insane laws. That's insane!" -- Penn Jillette
Originally Posted by indiandave View Post
In Pennsylvania Your permit to carry concealed is called a License to carry fire arms. Other states call it a CCW. In New Jersey it's called a crime.
Discretionary Issue is the new Separate but Equal.
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