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Originally Posted by teh.killer.of.zombies View Post
You're absolutely right. It is just hard on my mind. I feel if I walk away from this relationship that I have let my kids down. I'd rather her just plain outright kick me out.

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But what sort of example is being set for the kids if you stay? so you get your own place, and do the shared custody thing, and let see wht dad looks like when he's sane, and well rested, and they're not feeling the constant tension between Mom & Dad.

The whole "sleeping with her mother" thing.....she seriously might need some profession help. And I'm not kidding here...That kinda stuff (unless her mom has shagged her BFs in the past) is like scizo/bi-polar paranoia type stuff. Which if thats the're playin' a game you will never ever win.

I've personally known a couple of men who have dealt with clinically bi-polar women and it's a losing game, and what you describe sounds VERY eerily familiar.
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