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Originally Posted by MrsRazz View Post
And trust me, the kids will know something is wrong.

To be blunt:

It doesn't seem like you're getting much out of this relationship other than your children.

The level of distrust based on one text from an Ex, seems excessive. The prank by your friend would be explainable by your friend. So, it seems that she was looking for an excuse.

Truly, if you're concerned, you could set it up as roommates. But, you would need to have clearly defined rules and spaces. That way you would know that your children are cared for and you would still be with them. This situation will be hard for you if you still have romantic feelings for her.

Agreed. If there is one thing that I despise it's hypocrasy. I have had women try and pull that on me and I drop them faster than a hot rock 9obviously didn't have kids with them). There is no reasoning with someone who can self-justify outright hypocrasy, you're dealing with someone who is truly delusional.

But you're (the OP) now deep into what I call "the business of life", the practical concerns, money/finances, housing, kids, basic survival, etc. Trying to make that all work with someone you dont get along with is gonna suck no matter what. Best you can do is try to protect yourself as much as possible while meeting your obligations to your kids.
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