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I agree with most of what's been said; get someone else, anyone else, to do the basic teaching or go to Front Sight or something similar.

I'm a firm believer in the single-action .22 as a teaching and practice tool; almost all of the skills learned on a .22 copy of a 1873 Colt SAA quickly translate over to a 2013 Glock or whatever, and the SA slows the process down so that there is a lot more thinking time added to the experience. Besides, it plays to most women's internal Annie Oakley and most men's John Wayne to "decompress" the learning experience. Also, buying a Ruger Single Six or something similar is one of the few safe bets in choosing a handgun for someone else to shoot. It may not be what they want eventually, but nobody gets upset about getting to shoot one.

Let her pick her first "serious" pistol, although it really helps if you can keep her thinking in terms of "I'll try a WizBang .380, but if I made a mistake it is going to be OK to buy something different later." Avoiding "your one and only opportunity for a choice" situation is very therapeutic to marital happiness.

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