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Too right. Don't teach her yourself, it's relationship hell.

She's clearly motivated and may have just "grown into it". Lots of women are taking up the sport lately and for all kinds of different reasons. We tend to be good shots and instructors and range safety officers like them because we listen. Their words, not mine.

Also, on caliber, there are various lines of thought. 9mm is cheaper and lighter to shoot, but is unobtainable in times of shortage. I shoot .40, because it's a heavier round and it's always available because nobody shoots it. I got all I wanted today locally for $ 20 per box. One a Friday-payday. No .45 and no 9mm in sight, but all the 40 I wanted. Everyone has a preference. I like actually being able to shoot a couple boxes without guilt.

Here's the patented, time tested guaranteed, standard recipe:
  • She determines her purpose for the gun. Target shooting? Home Defense? Carry? All the above? What is her motive? Sport? Things to do as a couple? Self Defense? Just a look-see ?

  • She signs up for a one day women's handgun safety and shooting class. They'll probably use .22 revolvers or semi-automatics. NRA's Women on Target is a good choice. No more taking her to the range til that's done.

  • She does her Handgun Safety Certificate in the class or in the next day or two after.

  • She sits quietly with herself for as long as it takes to decide if she could actually shoot a human being dead, if that person was threatening her. If she can't answer yes, then she shouldn't carry and probably shouldn't use the gun for home defense. (Waving guns around does not stop crack-heads.)

  • She goes to the local gun store, preferably without you, at a slow time for that store. I go Wednesdays or Thursdays around 2. She handles every gun that appeals to her and tries them out for fit and function. Does her hand 'like' the gun?. This is like buying shoes. If it doesn't fit in the store, it won't fit at home either.

  • She picks her top 3 or 4 models, goes to a range and rents and fires each of them until she finds the one she likes best. I tried two calibers in my top two brands for a total of four guns. Don't worry about the rental fees, it's cheaper than buying the wrong gun. I shot some .45 through a Glock on my first rental and it just hammered my hands. But .40 in the same size Glock didn't. Go figure.

  • She goes back to the gun store and buys or orders and pays for her own gun. If the gun salesman thinks she's totally nuts for choosing her choice, she can call you on the phone, but you probably will have talked it over anyway. If she thinks the salesman is a jerk, she walks out of the store and comes back another time.

She may have already done some of these steps, and that's fine. But you can't do them for her. If you insist on buying the gun for her, get her a gift card for the gunshop and let her go for it.
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