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Originally Posted by Shrubmaster View Post
Do you give a good blowie? Otherwise you're SOL.

You used to be able to go back there if you were cool with the employees, now that thing is on serious lock down. Every now and then they let us "civies" go back there and shoot when the "buffalo shoot" is going on. Lots of fun. The swat guys are a hoot to hang with too.

Heading up there this Friday, the 7th, roughly noon if anyone wants to go.
To use the over the hill side, you pretty much need to be part of the high-power club. It's more or less "their" range, much like the action pistol range is open only to CCPL members. They let the cops use those ranges for training, but they are mostly run and maintained by the specialty clubs. Part of why the over the hill range is kept "locked down" is the cows that wander around back there. They like to hide behind the number boards where they cant be seen, but CAN be hit by stray bullets. Been there when that happened, much to the detriment of the cow.
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