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Originally Posted by poothrowingape View Post
15687 Auberry Rd.
93619 Clovis, CA

Great if youre in the fresno clovis area or the surrounding foot hills. they have 2 large ranges for non-members, a large private range for members with long range steel targets, a private LEO range, multiple cowboy single action ranges, and a super private 1000 yard sniper range that is only accessable if you are in a distance shooting club.
Employees are polite and knowledgable. Id definitely recomend it.
The "private LEO range" is actually the home of the local USPSA club (Central California Pistol League) and can be used by members of that club during the week for practice and such. They "share" the range with Clovis PD, who use it for their training and quals a couple days a month. They have USPSA matches twice a month second Sunday(open and limited) and 4th Saturday (limited)
FRPC also has a casual shotgun/trap range for the shotgunners out there, too (when it's working).

I typically use FRPC for rifle and pistol shooting and go up to Sun Mountain if shotguns are the order of the day. FRPC is generally friendly to black rifles, the key being like their sign says "no ILLEGAL firearms permitted aboard (?) FRPC" (Darn Navy guy i.e. Gary, must have written that). They are NOT friendly to steel cored or steel jacketed ammo, due to 2 large and expensive ($40K bill from the fire guys to put out) fires that occurred due to steel. DO NOT SHOOT STEEL THERE.. THEY WILL THROW YOU OUT! They magnet-test ammo in the range house, and expect you to bring it in to be checked. It can be crowded on weekends at times. Some of the workers are good, Gary (there during the week) is OK. One of the 2 women working there is generally nice, the other not so much. They are there mostly on the weekends.

There is also Fresno Trap and Skeet WAAAAY out at the end of Shaw Avenue, but they had fairly limited hours the last time I was out there, and it's shotgun sport only. Last I was there, they were only open Sat and Sunday mornings. The place has definitely gone downhill, they've killed off all the grass and such that made it pleasant there, and have fewer operating trap and skeet houses. I'd be surprised if FT&S was around for more than a couple years from now.

Another option is the Fresno Peace Officers range out by 99 and the river. It was available to non-LEOs if you paid a membership in the FPOA (a few years ago.. YMMV now) Almost exclusively handguns and VERY busy between the cops and the academy training there. They allow holster use, but I've not seen any move-and-shoot done there other than downed-officer drills.

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