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Originally Posted by .45 ftw! View Post
Just plinking. I like the price of yours for sure. You don't think AO is a necessary feature?
Depends on two things: 1. is the scope made for centerfire or rimfire rifles and 2. how far out do you plan on shooting. If the scope is for a centerfire rifle or you plan to shoot farther out than roughly 75 yards, you will want an AO scope regardless. Centerfire scopes come with a 100 yard parallax. Not good if you are shooting 75 yards and in. Rimfire scope have a 50 yard parallax. Not good for 75+ yards. Having an AO scope will allow you to avoid not having a clear picture of your target.

If you are shooting within 75 yards, I really like my Simmons 22 MAG Scope. It is rimfire specific, so you don't need AO when shooting your typical .22LR distances.
Simmons 22 MAG 3-9x32mm - $50
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